Fire Prevention Plan

Fire Prevention Plan
No one plans to have a fire, but pre-planning for a fire has been proven to save lives, preserve property and reduce the impact on the environment. Pre-planning the emergency response to a fire has a direct effect on the final cost of the clean-up and disposal.
This special web feature has been designed to bridge the gap between the efforts by agrichemical facilities and those of emergency responders by encouraging the pre-planning of fire prevention activities. Additional benefits of pre-planning using this tool are the coordination of joint efforts with emergency responders and the pre-determination of certain information, which may be important to the decision-making process if a fire occurs.
Specifically, this web based tool will assist in the development of a Fire Prevention Plan that:
  • Has been developed in accordance with OSHA Standard 1910.39, Fire Prevention Plans.
  • Is personalized to a specific facility.
  • Generates a Checklist for Emergency Responders.
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