Asmark Institute Signature Training Courses
These "one-of-a-kind, hands-on" courses were developed specifically for ag retailers.
Signature Courses
This popular course fulfills the requirements of OSHA Standard 1910.120 and provides certification to the Technician and Incident Commander levels of HazWoper. Conducted in accordance with EPA and OSHA requirements, the popularity of this course is due to highly experienced and passionate instructors and the use of real equipment in scenarios recounting real life spills and accidents. This course is offered at our training facility in Nashville, Tennessee.
Totally self-contained and practically all hands-on, this course was developed as the annual 8-Hour refresher supplement to the Emergency Response to Agricultural Incidents course. Offered at over 60 remote locations around the U.S., this course pulls from a reserve of more than 40 portable scenarios developed to keep the training fresh and effective.
This new course is specifically designed to address safe operations at facilities that handle grain. The Asmark Institute partnered with the Grain and Feed Association of Illinois to develop and provide a series of hands-on courses using real equipment and real-life scenarios. This course is offered at our training facility in Bloomington, Illinois.
Launched in 2011 at the request of clients, this course is geared to the needs of personnel responsible for maintaining the mechanical integrity of anhydrous ammonia installations. A first of its kind, this course provides an in-depth learning experience on each of the components used with ammonia. This course includes more than $240,000 of equipment. The underlying theme of the course is preventative maintenance and helps participants identify the "weak links" in their ammonia system.
Application technology is rapidly changing how the application of crop protection products are applied. This unique mobile course focuses on maximizing performance while minimizing spray drift. In 2009, our clients pointed out the void in the industry of high quality professional applicator training available to commercial applicators. Asmark Institute responded with a highly experienced and nationally-recognized instructor and a training experience using equipment designed and built specifically for this course.