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Applicator Training Course
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Applicator Training Course
Experienced Applicators - More than 3 Years Experience
Applicator Training Course for Experienced Applicators - More than 3 Years Experience
About This Training
One of the greatest challenges farm centers face today is ensuring experienced applicators receive the proper training to remain current and stay on top of their game. These individuals face the daunting task of staying current in an ever-changing industry and must possess the expertise on a wide range of topics such as math, measurements, chemistry and use of technology, including the role of customer service. AGCO and the Asmark Institute have developed this course specifically for experienced applicators with more than three years of experience.
About The Instructors
Combined experience, the instructors for this cutting edge course have more than 90 years. Greg Yoder is the lead instructor assisted by Gary Cornell. Both instructors are seasoned professionals from within the ag industry and both started their careers as professional applicators in the early 70’s. The team of Greg and Gary bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the course.
Classroom Training - Hands-on Exercise
This course is a classroom setting conducted at the Applicator Training Center in Bloomington, IL. Designed for experienced applicators, this course does not include operating the fleet of equipment, outside scenarios or other exercises used for new applicators.

Weather permitting, the instructors may use any of the other areas of this dedicated facility equipped with a mile of all-weather track and more than a million dollars in application equipment to reinforce the message in their training.
Refresher "Re-Boot" Experience
The past two decades have produced many operators with skills limited to certain products such as glyphosate. This has fostered a complacency in the knowledge and skills required to be a professional applicator as we re-enter the era of prescription weed control - every field could be a different tank mix in the battle to control pesticide-resistant weeds. Additionally, nearly all application mistakes can be attributed to human factors such as lack of knowledge, fatigue, distraction or the pressures they feel from employers, customers or the weather.

This course will help assure participants are proficient in the basic skills required of professional applicators. The concept used in this course is unique and includes training exercises carried out with not only the intent to facilitate the learning process, but to do so in a manner that helps re-commit the process to memory.
Spray Table
Spray Table
Simple Steps to Successful Applications
We wish to convey during the course what it’s actually like to diligently perform the duties of a well-rounded professional applicator. This includes a number of sessions that build over the two days of training - each adding to create a comprehensive thought process. Participants should graduate with the ability to evaluate the situation for each load/field and based on the facts - optimize the application by utilizing the correct mixture of the tools and resources available to them. Sometimes this will include the decision to not spray or delay the application.
Benefits of Attending
By design, this training course is geared to the needs of personnel that have three or more years experience as an applicator. Retailers asked us to offer this course to help fill a void that has developed naturally over the past two decades in our industry. You are a candidate for this course and may find it very beneficial to update your basic level of knowledge and experience to be better prepared for the future if you have experienced any of the following circumstances:
  • Were given the responsibility of being an applicator but received little or no training.
  • Became an applicator at any time during the period when glyphosate-ready crops dominated the market.
  • Your understanding of the application process is limited to the technology - buttons and settings.
  • Were given the responsibility of being an applicator and was taught exclusively by another applicator.
  • You are located in an area where pesticide-resistance is becoming a growing problem and farmers are moving to prescription weed control - using a different product for each field.
Tip Calibration
Tip Calibration


Regardless of your situation, this course will provide the crucial step of re-booting your knowledge and experience to become the most professional applicator possible. The course itinerary includes:
  • Professionalism and importance of the applicator's role.
  • Safety on the road.
  • Understand your responsibility as a professional applicator and the consequences of poor decisions, shortcuts or misapplication of a product.
  • Understand the differences in tank additives.
  • Learn how to reduce or eliminate off-target applications due to spray drift.
  • Exercise various drift management strategies to hone your skills in selecting the proper combination of drift controls for the different field situation you may encounter.
  • Tank cleanout; what to watch for and how to know when it is really clean.
  • Reading and understanding product labels - the roadmap to success.
  • Understand how to protect yourself in an emergency.
  • Complete math and measurements with more confidence.
  • Understanding sprayer components and systems.
  • Learn why calibration is the cornerstone of all accurate applications - liquid and dry.
  • Experience first-hand the need for agitation.
  • Understanding and appreciating the importance of recordkeeping.
  • Training supports your effort to pass your State applicator test. We test at the end of each section using an Audience Response System with questions on practical knowledge.
  • Learn how to assess each field - know where to start and what to look for before beginning.
  • Building the knowledge-base as the course unfolds over two days.
  • Competency is demonstrated throughout the course but especially in the last session where tabletop scenarios are used to decide to spray, or not to spray based on the situation facing them.
Training Dates & Location
This course will be conducted at the Applicator Training Center located at 10226 E 1400 North Road in Bloomington, IL 61705. The dates of training can be found by using this calendar. Course schedule:

First Day
8:00 am to 5:00pm (Central Time Zone)
Second Day
8:00 am to 5:00pm
Applicator Training Course
Please note: Participants cannot be excused early from the course, especially on the last day, so exercise caution when making airline or other travel arrangements.
Applicator Training Course

Once confirmed, participants will be sent more information including a location map, potential lodging options, lunch arrangements, etc. Each participant will receive a confirmation packet with all the information needed to prepare for this course.
The cost for this course will be $325.00 per participant. This includes the 2 days of interactive training, exercises, course manual, handouts, lunch each day and a certificate from the Asmark Institute.
Please use this calendar to enroll in the course of your choice. Classes will be limited to 21 participants and reservations will be on a first-come first-serve basis. Cancellations are non-refundable, but eligible substitutions are welcome. The Asmark Institute reserves the right to cancel any course due to insufficient enrollment.