MyPSM Guidance Materials
Version 1.0

This innovative suite of web-based tools is the first generation of guidance developed exclusively to assist agricultural facilities with developing and implementing their Process Safety Management (PSM) program.
The MyPSM Guidance Materials are sponsored by The Fertilizer Institute and was developed cooperatively with the Asmark Institute. This innovative approach to industry-specific guidance is supported by U.S. OSHA. This suite of compliance assistance tools has been specifically developed to provide agricultural facilities with industry-standard information to assist in the development and maintenance of the Process Safety Management program for their facility.
U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration
OSHA Letter of Support
A Process Safety Management program will only be as effective as the underlying safety culture permits within an organization. If an organization has a weak safety culture, PSM efforts are doomed to conflicting priorities, such as selling product or saving money. A strong safety culture is based on a commitment to strong core values on safety, health and environmental issues, and is backed by written policies, established goals and the day-to-day thought process that ensures all decisions are made with consideration of supporting safety. Any performance-oriented requirement is only as good as its implementation. Accordingly, MyPSM has been developed with a special emphasis on education and personalizing the experience and materials to a specific facility.
MyPSM+RMP Suite of Guidance Materials has been designed to focus users on developing their site-specific program while preventing duplicative actions. In order by RMP, only one link is obviously active for each element to ensure users never get lost between the RMP and PSM requirements. Great effort has been made to ensure one click provides you with the resources to comply with both the RMP and PSM requirements.
Please note that additional information may be required to supplement the information provided based upon the specific circumstances found at each facility. Management or supervisors who are in direct contact with, and responsible for, a group of employees are essential to effective implementation of the provisions of the Process Safety Management program.