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Website System Requirements

The Asmark Institute website is best viewed with the current version of Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome browsers.

Computer and Software Requirements

Mozilla FireFox Current
Mozilla FireFox 52 (Minimum)
Google Chrome Current
Google Chrome 56 (Minimum)
Microsoft Edge Current
Microsoft Edge 82 (Minimum)
Apple Safari for Mac Current*
Apple Safari for Mac 10.1.2 (Minimum)
*Safari discontinued support of PC in May 2012.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Current
Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 (Minimum)

1024 width or more.
Required to be enabled.

General Information

FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Adobe Acrobat Reader are free programs that can be downloaded by clicking on the links provided on this page.

Proprietary toolbars should be turned off when accessing our website. Toolbars such as Google's are designed to pre-populate reoccurring fields with information last entered, regardless of whether it is current, accurate or even appropriate. Use of proprietary toolbars may result in unwanted or inaccurate data.
For security reasons, and based upon the nature of the work that is performed on the Asmark Institute website, free, public or unsecured web-based E-mail accounts such as AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. are not recommended to conduct business or correspond with the Asmark Institute.
E-mail Address

The Asmark Institute will validate each user's E-mail address annually upon the user entering the website. The validation process is complete once the user has received and responded to the validation E-mail sent. The website will continue to try to prompt the user to validate their E-mail address until they respond.

Delivery Address

The Asmark Institute will validate each client's delivery address with the national United Parcel Service (UPS) database to help identify addresses that have been revised or changed proactively to avoid unwanted service charges from UPS. This validation process is automatic and clients will not be affected unless the Asmark Institute staff calls to confirm a revision.

Revised May 17, 2019