Volume 223
June 1, 2022

Asmark Keeps Expanding - Welcome Matt Bristow!

Asmark continues to expand as we welcome Matt Bristow to the Team!  Matt has already hit the ground running, literally, as he was introduced throughout the office and then headed to the AgriCenter in Bloomington, IL on his first day.  Matt is the newest member of the video team and helped film a new promotional video for the Grain Course.  He will be traveling with Dustin and Chris to the various Signature Training Courses held throughout the year to film promotional videos and shoot new footage for the subjects currently in our video library.  Matt will also be working closely with Brian to assist other companies interested in our services with how Asmark can help them.

Matt was raised in Owensboro and grew up in a family where music was part of everyday life.  This artistic upbringing provided him with unique experiences and skills that will benefit the video team.  Matt also loves sports, so he learned early on to combine both his musical background and sports, as he participated in marching band competitions over the years.  Matt and his wife, Caitlyn, have four children - Amarise, 9, Banner, 8, Desmond, 5 and Naomi, 2.  We are excited to have him onboard.  Welcome to the team Matt!

Quality Training for Beginner Applicators - Register Today!

It's that time of year - Spring is here and planting has begun!  We want to help train your employees to be the best they can be at running an applicator.  Our beginner Applicator Course benefits those with anywhere from no experience to up to three years of experience.  It's a great place to start, or to fine tune skills.

Our two lead instructors, Greg Yoder and Gary Cornell, are both seasoned professional applicators with over 75 years combined experience.  In addition to their professional applicator knowledge and skills, they are also familiar with the work environment and industry, so they include the importance of reputation and mannerism into their class.

During the course, each participant will test their skills by taking part in a Ride-N-Drive exercise, where they can experience real-life challenges on the mile long all-weather track, which includes a bridge, railroad crossing and a power line hazard - all in a safe and controlled environment.  The Ride-N-Drive fleet includes a TerraGator, John Deere, Case, Hagie, and a brand new 2022 RoGator that is supplied by AGCO from their latest series.

Registration is now open for July through September.  Seats tend to fill quickly for these classes, so don't miss your opportunity to register today.  If you have questions or would like more information, please reach out to Patricia at or 270-926-4600 Ext 234.

International Roadcheck Conducted on May 17-19

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) administered this year’s International Roadcheck on May 17-19.  Over that 72-hour period, commercial motor vehicle inspectors in jurisdictions throughout Canada, Mexico and the US conducted inspections on commercial motor vehicles and drivers.  This year’s focus was on wheel ends, which includes the wheels, rims, hubs and tires.  Violations involving wheel end components historically account for about one quarter of the vehicle out-of-service violations discovered during International Roadcheck and past data routinely identified wheel end components as a top 10 vehicle violation.

Vehicles that successfully passed inspection without any critical vehicle inspection item violations may receive a CVSA decal.  In general, a vehicle with a valid CVSA decal will not be re-inspected during the three months while the decal is valid.  Instead, inspectors will focus their efforts on vehicles without a valid CVSA decal.

FMCSA Considers Speed Limiters Again

FMCSA announced its intent to proceed with a rulemaking to require the use of speed limiters for commercial motor vehicles. The notice does not specify a specific speed but would apply to motor carriers operating commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) in interstate commerce with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) or gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 26,001 pounds or more.  Vehicles that are equipped with an electronic engine control unit (ECU) capable of governing the maximum speed would be required to limit the CMV to a speed to be determined by the rulemaking and to maintain that ECU setting for the service life of the vehicle.

FMCSA is requesting public comments and data regarding the adjustment or reprogramming of ECUs through June 3.

Registration Now Open - Ammonia Technician & NTIP Summer Courses

The one-day NTIP "CT" Course and two-day Ammonia Technician Course are led by John Rebholz, and both offer in-depth hands-on learning experiences.  Many folks who register for the NTIP Course are also interested in participating in the Ammonia Technician Course. To help make time and travel most efficient for those who need to attend both courses, we have scheduled the Ammonia Technician Course to coincide with the NTIP Course.

Registration is now open and classes are limited, so don't miss your opportunity to participate and register today.  If you have questions or would like more information, please reach out to Patricia at or 270-926-4600 Ext 234.

PPE Hazard Assessment Upload Feature Now Available!

A feature has been added to the website under the electronic Compliance Manual, for you to upload your facility's signed PPE Hazard Assessment.  In addition to the facility, EHS staff who have Territory Accounts, can also view all assessments for their facilities on the website.

The myPPE Hazard Assessment tool is designed to help define, organize and document the personal protective equipment (PPE) required by individual, task or category of employees.  This tool leads you through the process of identifying hazards, selecting the appropriate PPE and documenting the information.  The data is retained for periodic review and update.

If you have questions about the myPPE Hazard Assessment tool, give us a call, email or chat with us on the website.  We're here to help!

PAF Removes Barriers, Expands Safety and Health Education through New Classroom-based Delivery Mode

The Progressive Agriculture Foundation® (PAF) announced the launch of a novel safety and health-oriented education platform for its Progressive Agriculture Safety Day (PAF Safety Day) program designed to expand the reach and increase the accessibility to potentially lifesaving learning for agricultural and rural youth. To learn more and how to get involved, visit:

Progressive Agriculture Safety Day Program Launched Blog

The Progressive Agriculture Safety Day program’s blog, Building the Foundation for Safety, officially launched the beginning of 2022, with the primary objective of growing the program’s reach while engaging Foundation partners and its Progressive Agriculture Safety Day® program volunteers. To access the blog, visit the Progressive Agriculture Foundation website at and click “newsroom” in the top menu bar.

Bernard Geschke Recognized for Farm Safety Leadership by the Agricultural Safety and Health Council of America

Bernard Geschke, program specialist with the Progressive Agriculture Foundation®, was recognized with the prestigious 2022 Agricultural Safety and Health Council of America (ASHCA) Educator Award during the North American Agricultural Safety Summit, on March 29, 2022, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Geschke served as a lead staff member in the development and implementation of training for the nearly 400 volunteer Progressive Agriculture Safety Day (PAF Safety Day) coordinators throughout North America. He also provided support to the PAF Safety Day coordinators, assisted in the development of curriculum, and was the developer behind hundreds of the PAF Safety Day step-by-step demonstrations and tabletop props. Prior to joining the Foundation, Geschke was the farm safety director for the state of Nebraska. (Read More.)

Reflecting on a Nearly 30 Year Farm Safety Legacy

An agriculture safety advocate and trailblazer. He has been an educator, an inventor, a mentor, and a friend, one who dedicated his profession to making another’s life better – and safer. On March 31, Bernard Geschke officially retired from the Progressive Agriculture Foundation® after playing an integral role in the Foundation’s Progressive Agriculture Safety Day® program since the start. (Read More.)

Grab Your Backpack and Notebook...We’re Heading into the Classroom

After nearly three decades, the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day® (PAF Safety Day) program is going somewhere we have never been before…the classroom! A primary motivational factor for the new Classroom-based delivery mode was knowing that many children could benefit from a PAF Safety Day experience but may not have been able to yet due to limited resources or other barriers. (Read More.)

Farm Safety a Focus for Producers and Emergency Responders.

Heading into a new production season and staying safe on the farm is always a focus for producers, particularly when working around large machinery. The RM of North Battleford volunteer fire department recently took part in a simulated grain bin rescue operation exercise to ensure if any accidents do occur on area farmyards, they are prepared to assist. (Read More.)

This Monthly Highlight was brought to you by The Progressive Agriculture Foundation.  The Asmark Institute is a longtime supporter of PAF and PAF Safety Day.

Progressive by Nature.  Safety by Design.