Volume 225
August 1, 2022

Greg Woodall Rejoins the IT Team - Welcome Back!

We're excited to announce that Greg Woodall has rejoined the IT Team as a Data Engineer!  Greg previously worked at Asmark in 2011-2012. He was involved with helping to oversee and manage various projects with the data group while collaborating with the web team.  Greg has been around the ag supply farm business since 1982, so he not only brings his IT experience to Asmark, he also understands the ag retail business, offering great insight when developing new features or tools that will help our clients most with their compliance efforts.  He is currently working on internal accounting system efficiencies and working through an API integration. 

Greg has been married for 39 years to his wife Kim, and they have 7 children, 9 grandchildren currently, with 2 more due by Christmas!  When he's not working, he enjoys spending his free time with family and is looking forward to the arrival of the two new additions.  We're so excited to have Greg back on the Asmark team and look forward to his contributions in the future!

Mid-Year Checkup - How's your facility doing?

Now that we are halfway through 2022, it's a great time for a mid-year checkup of each facility's MyScore and compliance efforts.  A few weeks ago an email was sent to the Primary and Secondary contacts which included a link to generate the report.  In addition to the email notification, a message was posted for each website user.  Any website user can login to their facility's account and click on the posted message on the Launch Pad to generate and review the report.  The Executive Summary will be available for a limited time-frame.  If you haven't already, make sure to generate and review yours before it's too late.

Note:  You will want to make sure your computer is set to allow for pop-ups so that you are able to access the PDF.

Both the Executive Summary and MyScore are designed to promote the continuous process of proactively identifying and tracking your risk management efforts to ensure a safe work environment and reduce your risk and liability.  Many companies use this information to provide incentives for their facilities or to receive reduction in their insurance premiums.

If you have any questions regarding the Executive Summary or your MyScore, give our Client Support Team a call.  They are always available to help!

SARA Tier II Fee Increasing for 2023

As with most things, costs continue rising for many products and services.  Last year, Asmark saw a significant price increase from Encamp, the leading provider of SARA Tier II software submission technology, who has been a valued partner since 2018.  The Asmark + Encamp partnership has streamlined the SARA Tier II filing process on behalf of clients. The “one and done” process from data collection to the Encamp filing process has provided peace of mind to clients for years, ensuring on-time, accurate filing and fee payment as applicable with each State, LEPC and Fire Department.

Although the price nearly tripled for Asmark last year, we decided to postpone passing along the increase to our clients while considering the best way to incorporate the new pricing structure.  We will be adjusting the pricing structure for the next reporting season, and clients can expect to see an increase for the Encamp Fee on the 2023 spring invoice.

Seats are Filling Fast for the 2022 Safety School!

Back in full swing, the annual National Agronomic, Environmental, Health & Safety School will be held August 23-24, 2022 in Bloomington, Illinois at the Asmark Institute Agricenter. The safety school is the premier event for ag EHS&S professionals providing a unique opportunity to gain valuable insight into a host of regulatory topics facing the industry. The day and a half meeting allows ag professionals, agency and government officials and suppliers to share, learn, network and discuss issues and changes affecting the ag industry.

This year's keynote address will be given by John Buckley, President & CEO of Wilbur Ellis.  Other notable speakers are Tom Bray with J.J. Keller & Associates, Brian Bothast with OSHA, and Dr. Fred Whitford with Purdue Pesticide Programs. Check out the agenda and get registered at  This in-person event has limited seating, so don’t delay.  

The Safety School is held in conjunction with IFCA’s annual MAGIE Show, the industry’s premier outdoor equipment show in the United States.  We encourage you to consider attending while in Bloomington.  Go to for more information.

Unannounced Brake Safety Day Results

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has announced the results of an unannounced inspection and enforcement initiative, Brake Safety Day.  The focus of the event was brake systems and components.  During the one day event over 9,000 inspections of commercial motor vehicles were conducted and 1,290 vehicles were placed out of service.  The brake-related out-of-service rate was 14.1%.In addition, inspectors compiled and reported brake hose/tubing violation statistics. 

There were 1,534 brake hose/tubing violations.  CVSA conducts two major brake-safety inspection and enforcement initiatives each year. One is this initiative, a one-day unannounced brake-safety campaign. CVSA does not provide advance notice or warning for Brake Safety Day. The other campaign, Brake Safety Week, is publicly announced well in advance and lasts for a week. This year’s Brake Safety Week is scheduled for August 21-27.

ELD Removed from FMCSA Registered Devices List

FMCSA has removed Arion Tech Inc.'s Arion T ELD from the list of Registered Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) due to the company's failure to meet the minimum functional specifications.  Motor carriers and drivers should discontinue using the revoked device(s) and revert to paper logs or logging software to record the required hours of service data.  Then, replace the revoked device(s) with compliant ELD(s) from the Registered Devices list before August 24, 2022.

USPS Rates Increase

The Postal Service issued a price change that took effect on July 10, 2022.  A number of products and services were affected by the rate increase but the most commonly used services in our industry are listed below:

  • First-Class Mail Forever stamp will increase from $0.58 to $0.60.
  • First-Class Mail Metered rate will increase from $0.53 to $0.57 for a 1 oz. envelope.  The rate for each additional ounce will increase from $0.20 to $0.24.
  • First Class Mail Postcard rate will increase from $0.40 to $0.44.

USPS states these rate increases are due to inflation and continuous increase of operating expenses.

Is Safety a Part of Your Company’s Core Values?

One common task EHS&S professionals must tackle is promoting “safety first” to employees, with the awareness that safety success in the past doesn’t guarantee safety success in the future. Three of the most common areas safety professionals identify as their top challenges are:

  1. fostering employee engagement 

  2. preventing employees from taking shortcuts or ignoring the rules and

  3. encouraging supervisor and/or management participation in and commitment to safety programs.

The following tips from the American Society of Safety Professionals and the National Safety Council can help you take a proactive approach in your efforts to ensure a safe workplace for employees.

  • Remind supervisors and yourself to communicate safety every day. Communication doesn’t have to be structured. It can be as simple as saying to an employee in passing, “Are you having a safe work shift today?” 
  • Make connections and build relationships with C-suite executives. These are the people who will provide funding for safety programs and play a significant role in communicating the organization’s workplace safety-emphasis messaging to employees. 
  • Bringing employees from different departments and/or locations together to discuss safety topics can give them a fresh perspective on their workplace. It can also create a strong sense of “safety first” and “we’re in this together” across the organization. Encourage employees to learn from their peers.
  • Get employees involved in the safety process. Ask employees for advice on policies and procedures. They are ones doing the work and can provide valuable insights on whether a procedure will actually work in the workplace. Benefit? Increased employee engagement.

This safety and compliance reminder brought to you by ResponsibleAg – working to help keep employees, customers and communities safe since 2014.

Committed. Compliant. Safe.